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As the proprietor of an online business, you need to make some important choices about hosting your website and in order for your website to appear on the internet you need a web server. Owning a web server can be very expensive and requires technical expertise and budget that most businesses don’t have. This is where web hosts or ISPs (Internet Service Providers) come in.


Hosting companies provide the equipment and other technical resources you need without the pain and expense of having to do it yourself. A dedicated server is one in which the entire server is dedicated to your web pages. Although it means there will be no other users draining your resources it also means you will pay a considerable monthly sum.  The norm for most businesses is a shared server solution which is much cheaper, but as the name implies, you will be sharing the server and its resources with many others.


koallo-logoWhichever solution you require SiLK Web Solutions can provide you with a reliable and cost-efficient solution to your online requirements. Partnered with Koallo Internet Services we combine superior service with cutting edge technology to offer you a functional and fast web hosting solution.


We have the technical capabilities to host a simple static site or a complex content management system (CMS). As well, with all site builds, we offer a development environment where your site is built so you can view the process every step of the way.


We offer various hosting packages dependent on the amount of space required. Email and ftp services are also available.


If you want to offer your clients e-Commerce, we can assist you with the SSL (secure socket layers) certificate, which is a MUST HAVE to keep your clients payment transactions secure.


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Domain Registration

If you have a domain name in mind or if you need to research a name let us find out what is available for registration. Domain names can be registered for as little as a 1 year term or lengthy 10 year terms and we will monitor the expiration to ensure your domain name will always belong to your company.


We can also assist with the transfer of your existing domain to our hosting services.


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