No budget? No problem!

We’ve all heard this before and the fact is, it’s true. Your potential customers get a feeling of trust and confidence in you when they see a neat and functional website that is easy to navigate. However if we’re being honest, it isn’t necessary to hire someone to build your website because there are so many tools and resources to help achieve a professional website on your own, that is, if you have the knowledge, the confidence and the time.
So you have all of those items? Great! Then you should create your own site. It is a fun and rewarding experience. As with anything, there is a learning curve and if you do not have the patience this can be frustrating, but if you continue forward to set up your website, try to be objective. This sounds easy but it definitely is not. When learning something new we are very proud of ourselves for the accomplishment and rightfully so! “Good job we say!” However always remember to step back and look at what you’ve created. Ask yourself, if you came across this website while searching online, would you stay on it and use it or would you continue to another one? Again, you need to be honest with yourself. If you say yes, congratulations and job well done. If you’re unsure or your answer is no, then keep at it, ask for opinions (you’ll need a thick skin as people love to point out the “negative”) and ask for assistance.
There are plenty of resources, tutorials, training and information online. And of course, don’t forget us. We’re always happy to help complete projects or fill in the pieces. You can also check out our website packages to assist you with your creation.
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